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KEEP is a multifunctional storage series with room for everything, even in very small spaces.

With a wide range of modules and inserts, the series offers:

  • Room for creativity
  • Good overview of materials and equipment
  • Plenty of options for organization
  • Storage space
  • Seating areas for breaks and group work.

Design your own cabinets, drawers, storage units, desks and workstations in fun ways and with plenty of room for teamwork and breaks.

With the KEEP series’ great flexibility and transverse design, the individual modules and inserts can easily be rearranged and used across the elements. This gives you a range of storage types which can be changed to match shifting needs.

KEEP is produced by HOLMRIS B8 and developed in partnership with NERD architects.

Storage with Room for Reflection and Immersion: In addition to storage, the KEEP series can be used to create small seating areas that are ideal for taking a break or immerse in an assignment.

Make a bench with a cushion, or design creative seating areas with large, soft inserts with organic contours. The two-piece soft insert includes a large foam cushion that can be taken out of the storage module and used on the floor for imaginative play, breaks or as a meeting place for teamwork. In the niche created by removing the foam cushion, a student can sit and work on an assignment.

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