Q40 work desk

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The Q40 work desk was designed by HOLMRIS B8 in 2015. The style of this desk is very contemporary and timeless, which combined with the many functional elements makes for an elegant and useful desk that complements any office landscape. With this desk, HOLMRIS B8 has emphasized authentic design and well-performed craftsmanship to produce a desk in high quality materials in several, beautiful colors. The desk is height-adjustable and has a cable run to hide cords with the option of installing a cord organizer in the tabletop to make chargers easily accessible.

The advantage of this desk is that it can be used to create work “islands” without taking up too much space. To ensure that there is still room to focus, you can add HOLMRIS B8 SmartScreens with different graphic motives.

The Q40 work desk is also available as Q40 split, which has a split tabletop that makes it possible to easily and elegantly hide cords within the desk, such as chargers or lamp cords. This feature keeps things nicely organized within the table, so you avoid clutter on your desk.

It should be noted that the frame of the table includes two workstations, so you must order two tabletops.

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