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Ray@Work is designed by Hans Thyge & Co. together with Simon Dennehy, whose Ph.D. on ergonomic educational furniture prompted the design of the first RAY chair. Ray@Work is the newest member of the RAY family. The main characteristic of this collection of educational and office chairs is the focus on ergonomics and Ray@Work is no exception to this. The office chair is easy to use in different work environments and other situations because of its lightness and simple design combined with the comfort and support it provides.

Ray@Work is a refined, sophisticated chair that pays homage to the classic office chair. The patented ergonomic seat promotes an optimal posture, complete freedom of movement, and increased blood flow, while minimizing any lower back strain. The back rest gently tilts to ensure a comfortable seating position for your back. Also, the seat is upholstered to increase the seating comfort. Therefore, Ray@Work helps ensure dynamic movement during the day and keeps you comfortable without any effort required.

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