Hotel Odeon

Cozy luxury

Hotel Odeon is the largest hotel in Odense, Denmark, with 234 rooms. The newly built hotel is located at the heart of the cozy H.C. Andersen neighborhood and when you enter the lobby, you immediately sense a relaxed atmosphere with a luxurious touch.

The modern hotel is characterized by a Scandinavian, homey, and informal style and is decorated by Pernille Arlien Søborg Henriksen, owner of CO. and Designstudio and industrial designer Barbara Bendix Becker, owner of Studio R7B in Copenhagen. HOLMRIS B8 has delivered all loose and fixed furniture to the 234 rooms, restaurant, bar, lobby, and conference facilities.

New Nordic with local design classics
The theme of the hotel is New Nordic, which is expressed with natural materials such as stone and wood. Quality materials in soft colors, an open fireplace, and an oversized pendant designed by the Danish (and local) brand Le Klint enhance the luxurious feel and homey atmosphere. Most of the furniture was custom-made for Hotel Odeon, including the coaches and bookcases in the restaurant and the headboards and nightstands in the rooms.

The good atmosphere
The ambition was to create an open hotel with a homey feel that visitors as well as citizens in Odense want to stay at. Large sofas to lounge in and cozy surroundings in all the public areas encourage not only guests to leave their rooms and use these areas but also passers-by to visit the hotel.