Flowfactory (VUC)

FlowFactory – Danish School Building of the Year 2017

With its innovative design, FlowFactory creates a spectacular setting for the creativity of the students, helping them to achieve the vision of raising the bar for tomorrow’s digital innovations.

The vision for the higher preparatory examination (HF) at the VUC adult education centre in Haderslev, Southern Denmark, is to educate students to be creative producers of digital solutions.

The teaching is primarily based on project work, focusing on innovation, digital technology and app development. This approach to teaching places special demands on the school’s architecture and interior design. HOLMRIS worked closely with ZENI architects on the remarkable project known as FlowFactory.

Interiors that support the educational practice
By understanding FlowFactory’s visions for education and the classroom requirements for this teaching method, a harmony has been achieved between educational practice and design. With strong coding in both colour and function, the interior design underpins the stages the students pass through during their projects.

Architecture and interior design underpin the daily assignments, creating a study environment that embraces the future with a strong focus on digital solutions.

Winner of Danish School Building of the Year 2017
VUC South’s building, FlowFactory, in Haderslev, Southern Denmark, is the winner of Danish School Building of the Year 2017.

We are proud to have supplied furniture to the winning project, based on a desire to harmonise educational practice and architecture to best effect.

FlowFactory was in competition against four other exciting projects in a public vote, and the jury said in their justification for the nomination of the project in Haderslev:

“The building has its own expressive and innovative identity, which has an inescapable influence on the students attending the school. The plans are simple, the lines are exciting and the façades strike up a dialogue with the waterfront. The location is utilised to the fullest. The interior design visibly meets today’s demands for work privacy of all kinds.”