VIA University College

Recycling creates new surroundings

In the Spring of 2019, 1,200 students from VIA University College in Silkeborg, Denmark, took newly renovated buildings into use.

In the Campus Heart, as these new surroundings are called, there has been made room for new student activities with a newly decorated growth house, maker space, and a cozy Friday bar. During the interior design process, HOLMRIS B8 worked closely with the students, the campus leader, and the education managers from the teacher and nurse educations. Everyone agreed to pursue the idea of reusing the excess floors from the school’s old athletic facility, which HOLMRIS B8 turned into table tops and a unique bar.

A vision of community
The rebuild has been on the drawing board for a few years. It took its starting point in a vision of creating more life and a sense of community.

Lars Christensen Ustrup, Education Manager for VIA University College in Silkeborg, states:

“Our vision with the Campus Heart is to create life and a community for the students across the different campuses, educations, and years. It is important for us that collaboration and a sense of community are present to create a new joint culture. Also, the Campus Heart’s central placement provides many opportunities for creating joint activities on campus for the students.”

The new Campus Heart promotes and encourages collaboration and solidarity and it creates the natural foundation for formation of new cultures, activities, and associations. The Campus Heart will be the basis of knowledge and friendship. It creates meeting places, group areas, and individual study places that will develop current and future students.