Porsche Norway

HQ Decor Defined by 911’s Color Palette

In Porsche’s new headquarters in Oslo, Norway, there are no white, black or gray surfaces.

Everything is in color. And not just any color. The color concept designed by Norway’s first multidisciplinary color studio, KOI Fargestudio, is inspired by Porsches from the 1960s and 1970s.

Dusty green walls and ceilings, bubble gum pink toilets, bright yellow lamps, azure blue carpets and a sofa suite in burnt orange. Porsche’s headquarters in Oslo is a veritable sea of color, and we worked closely with Kubik Interior architects and KOI Fargestudio to supply all the furnishings.

For example, for all the workstations, Porsche chose HOLMRIS B8’s H4 table with a warm brown linoleum surface and My Urban Storage cabinets in the same beautiful color. Each zone in the building has its own color – defined by the photographs of Porsches that line the walls. The upholstered desk screens match each zone’s color, as does the carpet that ties the whole space together.

Specially Designed Table
In addition to the supplying furniture by Vitra and the new Norwegian brand Objekt, HOLMRIS B8 has specially designed a large Calfa Wood table for use for both quick meetings and as on-the-fly workstations. Another spectacular table is featured in the orange meeting room, where staff can gather around a four-meter-long table from MDF Italia++, which is supported by just four legs.