REBEL Work Space

Innovative co-working office for rebellious and passionate people

Right before the start of 2018, a new co-working office opened its doors in Copenhagen’s Østerbro/Nordhavn district, aiming to offer the perfect setting and a creative environment for companies and individuals with high ambitions – or, as the team behind the project calls them, rebel thinkers.

The trio behind REBEL Work Space previously worked together in the office furniture industry, and they share a clear ambition for the facility: to create an environment with a focus on functionality and well-being that embraces and challenges creative, ambitious minds and established businesspeople alike.

They also want to establish the co-working approach as a more widespread working form, including among more mature companies that would like to think innovatively, form new networks across industries and specialties, and adopt bold plans for the future.

A well-designed setting for engagement, motivation and growth
The design of REBEL Work Space is rooted in consideration of the smallest details, while exuding quality and aesthetic design that supports the facility’s function and ambitions.

“Rooms in themselves do not create innovation, but they can help to inspire engagement and changed behaviour, which is the starting point for innovation.” Finn Laustsen – Partner, REBEL Work Space

REBEL Work Space spreads across two storeys, the lower of which houses meeting rooms, open and private offices, and lounge areas. The top floor is dedicated to the Business Club concept, where a large lounge area, library, meeting room, work café and various types of offices provide space for the community and for individuals to think big, network and immerse themselves in their work.

No two meeting rooms are alike. The decor of each meeting room is based on its function. For example, one is furnished with ball chairs, mobile chairs, stage boxes, a giant whiteboard and a touch screen, unleashing the imagination, creativity and new ideas.

A mecca for furniture enthusiasts
HOLMRIS B8 assisted with the interior design and supplied all the furniture for the 1,550-square-metre facility, including a variety of different desks with experimental touches, such as coloured linoleum and resistant tabletops. We also supplied lounge sofas, such as Labofa’s TWEET, and Urban storage furniture with acoustic doors or equipped with cushions to also offer a place to sit and have an informal chat.

REBEL Work Space is designed by VADA, Cecilia Petersson – furniture delivered by HOLMRIS B8.

Finn Laustsen, CEO and Partner at REBEL Work Space, on the collaboration with HOLMRIS B8:

“We contacted HOLMRIS B8 because the company has high ambitions to make a positive difference for its customers – an ambition shared by us and the people we cater to. We have challenged each other and enjoyed diving deep into the details of décor, functionality and furniture, and their value for our customers. And we think the results speak for themselves.”