Climate Performance Data on Furniture

Get precise data on furniture CO2e emissions.

With well-documented data on the climate performance of each item of furniture, we can help you and your colleagues reduce greenhouse gas emissions and work toward carbon neutrality.

For scope 3 emissions reporting you need precise data on your suppliers’ climate footprint. As one of the first in the furniture sector, we can offer concrete data on the CO2e performance of all of your furniture.

You can obtain data on new procurements as well as on existing furniture, giving you complete climate data for all of your company’s furnishings.

Documented Data
We utilize a thoroughly tested tool developed by Målbar, an impartial Danish consulting firm, to conduct climate performance calculations for each item of furniture.

The calculations are based on data provided by the furniture manufacturer:

  • Weight
  • Waste
  • Materials
  • Transport
  • Any certificates for sustainable wood
  • Strength and durability

These data are assessed according to the EU’s new standards for Product Environmental Footprint (PEF).

However, decisions regarding furniture should not be based on climate performance data alone. It is still important to choose high-quality and durable furniture that meets your needs in terms of design and functionality.

Do you want knowledge about your furniture’s CO2e emission?

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