Award-Winning Burger Bar

Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant, Noma, achieved a roaring success with their pop-up burger bar in Copenhagen during the spring and summer 2020 lockdowns. This inspired the originators to make the Noma Burger a permanent feature of the Danish cuisine scene by launching the POPL burger joint.

The name POPL evokes the Latin word “populus” meaning “community of people” and reflects the restaurant’s vision to be a dynamic new neighborhood eatery offering simple fare with something for everyone. The name is also inspired by the poplar tree, as a symbol of Noma’s appreciation of and respect for Mother Nature.

Burger concept reflected in the decor
Design and architectural studio Spacon & X created an interior and spatial design for POPL in line with Noma’s burger concept: simple, appealing and made with the best ingredients.

Their decor embraces an honest simplicity in its warm, friendly ambience, with furniture and interior design cues from the informal Japanese Izakaya bars, the laid-back American diners and the natural wilds of Denmark.

In fact, all things natural are given pride of place in the restaurant’s design and decor with a wooden “plant bridge” hanging from the ceiling throughout most of the restaurant to bring botanicals and warmth to the interior design. The purple acoustic paneling on the walls and ceilings contains dried cornflowers, which give off a natural floral scent, and combined with the bespoke olive ash heartwood-streaked furniture, paper lights and organic contours, this gives the natural elements a warmth and contrast to the exposed concrete pillars and brickwork.

Bespoke furniture blends multiple design idioms as one
HOLMRIS B8 supplied and installed all the furniture (except chairs and tables crafted by E15), custom-made lampshades from an artisan glass blowing studio, rice-paper lights, wood wall panels patterned with burger ingredients, bars, food station, take away, plant bridges, shelving, valet stands and bathroom furnishing. Everything is custom made in simple lines blending Japanese, American and Nordic design traditions in a thrilling new POPL language.

An extremely short deadline of just six weeks meant that we maintained strict control of deliveries and project scheduling to make a successful handover on time.

POPL won Wallpaper magazine’s Best Burger Bar award in January 2021.