The American diner at Metropol

At Metropolitan University College (Metropol), the classic American diner creates a welcoming environment that promotes a 24/7 student life.

Bioanalyst, physical therapist and laboratory technician – these are just some of the occupations that Metropolitan University College teaches in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen. The many different courses of study ensure a vibrant campus life. Metropol wanted to create an environment where the students can express themselves in many ways, and lively common areas on campus are a vital element.

A well-planned, multi-purpose environment
The vision was to create inviting common areas where students want to spend time. Even when classes have finished. They found inspiration in the classic American diner. The diner atmosphere is a welcoming environment that can be used for both academic activities as well as for breaks and social interaction.

Booths and high tables are the key elements in the design. They help emphasise the relaxed atmosphere. At the same time, they create an environment where the students can have privacy in enclosed areas or be socially active at the group tables.

Character in the design
The choice of materials helps give the space character. At Metropol, they add warmth and cosiness. Wood is used everywhere, creating a lovely warm atmosphere in combination with the upholstered furnishings. The distinctive lamps from Louis Poulsen and Tom Dixon create identity and add character.

Metropol wants to be open 24/7 for their students. Now they have an interior design concept that welcomes people morning, noon and night.

The project was made in close cooperation with Metropol’s own architect.