University of Copenhagen

More than just a university

The University of Copenhagen’s three South Campus buildings make up a modern campus where students from across academic disciplines can meet, spend time and live – all day and night.

Building 3 is the home of the Faculties of Law and Theology, and together with Buildings 1 and 2, the South Campus serves 16,000 students.

Meeting place across academic disciplines
Each faculty has its own area, but South Campus is also designed to encourage the students to meet across the academic disciplines.

The common areas therefore serve a unique function where people can work, meet and live. As a study area, Building 3’s common areas are designed to provide space for both group and individual work. Different types of furnishings have been selected for wide variation in seating options.

The students can choose their workplace to suit what they are working on at any given time, regardless of whether they need a comfy niche, a private reading spot or a large table for project work.

The students’ second home
South Campus is open 24 hours a day and aims to be a place where people want to spend time. For studying, but also for building social networks. The environment is therefore designed to be warm and inviting. Stunning colours on both the walls and furnishings and many upholstered areas add life and a cosy feel to the spaces.

It was also important to incorporate nature into the interior design concept: Large glass panels open onto green courtyards and outdoor spaces. Decorative plants are used to beautiful effect throughout the building. Oakwood gable tables connect the outdoors with the indoors.

The interior design concept accentuates a building created to be used – for teaching, studying and socialising. Building 3 embodies everything you could possibly want in a modern campus building.

Arkitema designed Building 3, while we supplied the furnishings.