Design with Multiple Levels of Sustainability

In 2006, two former classmates came up with a great idea.

They wanted to create the most sustainable cooling system in the world utilizing the nature-friendly greenhouse gas CO2. This idea became a reality – and quickly turned into a success.

Today, Advansor is a market-leading designer and manufacturer of environmentally friendly cooling systems that provide, among other things, freezer and refrigeration services to supermarkets in more than 30 countries.

Homey Atmosphere with a Green Focus
The concept of sustainability in Advansor’s products is carried through to the growing company’s newly built headquarters located just outside of Aarhus, Denmark’s second-largest city. Here, sustainability has been incorporated in several different ways into the interior design and furniture concept created by BIEHL QUIST.

For example, durable, high-quality furniture and materials have been used to ensure that the resources have as long a lifetime as possible. In addition, eco-friendly materials like linoleum have been used on HOLMRIS B8’s Q20 desks and conference tables, and naturally beautiful oak is a design feature seen throughout the building.

For example, in the company canteen, walls are clad with large, specially designed shelving in wood from HOLMRIS Customized. They serve as a warm, cozy framework for the varied decor, which includes long tables, small tables, round tables, bar seating, a mix of chairs and lamps – all combined to offer the 160 employees different zones for enjoying lunch or holding informal meetings.

In this way, the sustainability concept is expanded to accommodate the diverse uses of the various spaces in the building. Thus ensuring that each room is truly multifunctional.

Kristian Breitenbauch, CEO at Advansor, says:

“We made it a point to create a homey and comfortable atmosphere for our employees and guests, while at the same making responsible choices that consider the environment and nature’s resources. We chose HOLMRIS B8 because, together with BIEHL QUIST, they came up with the most creative solutions and were able to execute the entire move, which was very ambitious.”

Conference Rooms with “Wow” Factor
Every single conference room in the headquarters uses one of the colors in Advansor’s visual identity to great effect – achieving a “wow” factor in each. HAY’s About a Chair, Q20 conference tables from HOLMRIS B8 and curtains in Hallingdal fabric from Kvadrat are all kept in the same color, giving each room its own personality.

At the workstations, a sense of order and cohesion has been achieved by keeping the Q20 desks and Urban Tower Storage solutions in the same gray-brown nuance. Desk screens and Sofi chairs from Håg upholstered in the same gray Hallingdal material from Kvadrat add to this effect.

HOLMRIS B8 supplied and installed all the furniture for Advansor’s new headquarters in close collaboration with BIEHL QUIST, who developed the interior design concept.