A major Danish bank

A Bank that Invites You to Go Exploring

A major Danish bank has designed its new headquarters to be an interesting experience for customers as well as employees.

The ambition was to create an attractive workplace with sustainable solutions in a homey atmosphere – and, of course, to use every square foot wisely. It was a pleasure for us to help realize this ambition in collaboration with the bank’s project team, and we were able to apply a broad range of our services.

In addition to supplying and installing the furnishings, we also designed the interiors based on the bank’s requests and with support from VADA Design. Colors, textiles, furniture, decor, lighting and wall decorations have all been carefully selected to match the customer’s overall concept and wishes for an attractive workplace.

Diversity Goes Hand in Hand with Flexibility
The interior design is full of variation, in both facilities and furnishings, giving employees a high degree of freedom of choice and lots of potential for varying work zones and ways of working throughout the day. And with the option of free seating, the 250 employees do not necessarily have to work behind a desk. They can also store their personal belongings in specially designed lockers.

“The diversity in zones and furnishings underpins the desire to use the square footage wisely, while at the same time creating an adaptable and functional headquarters that invites the users to go exploring.”

Untraditional and Sustainable
This variation is continued in the many meeting rooms, which are all different in terms of capacity, furniture, color and features. In one meeting room, the Stage modular boxes from HOLMRIS B8 add extra seating to a classic conference table setup, if needed. Elsewhere, wall-mounted shelving from Montana in contrasting colors makes a surprising statement.

Sustainability plays a key role in the furnishing of the new bank headquarters. For this reason, they went with the Nordic Ecolabel version of the Q20 desk from HOLMRIS B8, while several other pieces carry the Swedish Møbelfakta ecolabel. Some of the furniture has even been reused from previous locations.