Room for innovation

Orkla, the largest supplier of branded consumer products in Scandinavia, has gathered its more than 1,100 employees in the heart of Oslo, all under the same roof: a state-of-the-art, 16-story building with a major focus on sustainable solutions and innovation.

When you enter the new headquarters on the ground floor, you are met not only by Orkla’s reception desk, but also by a hairdresser, coffee bar, bakery, pop-up shop featuring Orkla’s brands, restaurant and innovation center.

This opens the building up to the public and allows Orkla to meet their guests and customers in inspiring and bold surroundings, which continue in the office spaces on the upper floors.

For the offices, Norwegian interior designers IARK have developed a holistic concept that embraces activity-based working (ABW). They have created spaces that promote collaboration as well as areas where people can concentrate and work effectively.

In line with the precepts of activity-based workplace design, the 1,100 employees share 600 workstations fitted out with HOLMRIS B8’s Q40 desks and My Urban storage, as well as 14 PODS from Famery. This encourages Orkla’s employees to think about and alternate among the different zones, according to the nature of their work.

Personality through Strong Branding
In recognition of Orkla as one home for many brands, the products and their visual identities have been used actively in the decor. A good example of this is the conference rooms which have each been given their own unique style.

In one conference room, HOLMRIS B8’s Cabale conference table is covered by a dense layer of cheese puffs, and the bag they come from is tossed in the corner in the shape of a large beanbag.

Another Cabale table is shaped like a bottle of Möllers Tran, and in a third room, the chandelier is made from wine glasses. This highlights Orkla’s brands in a unique way.

We supplied and installed furnishings in the work areas, project rooms, conference rooms and reading rooms on every floor, and we wired the height-adjustable desks.