Danfoss Hamburg

Interior design that supports
many ways of working

At the harbor in Hamburg, Danfoss has created a very contemporary work environment for their employees. The global technology developer wanted to change up the interior design and ways of working to attract and retain desirable employees.

This ambition was achieved in the best way in close collaboration between Danfoss’ own architects and HOLMRIS B8. The result is an inspiring and attractive work environment that is imbued with sustainable solutions and great focus on the environment.

Focus on Free Seating and agile meeting formats
One of the demands for the new interior design was to create a free agile work environment where all the benefits of an activity-based design were utilized, especially Free Seating.

Therefore, there are only around 30 fixed workstations, but there is room for 100 people who can work at workstations, high tables, in lounge areas, or on the stairs that are dispersed throughout the domicile.

A cornerstone of activity-based interior design is to support different ways of working and facilitate knowledge sharing. Through the new interior design, Danfoss can have all types of meetings – from the classic meeting in a large corporate conference room to the small and quick meetings in the project area in front of a write wall to creative brainstorming and innovation in hammocks or over a game of table tennis.

Moreover, the new interior design emphasizes that employees must also be able to concentrate and focus – either alone or in small groups – in the many Focus Pods and Touchdown seating placed throughout the building.

Functionality and aesthetics come together
Throughout the space, several intriguing elements have been incorporated that simultaneously serve an important purpose in the interior design.

For instance, most walls are “active” – some are covered in sound absorbing cork or large images from Akaurt, while others are glass boards or write walls. One of the new, interesting walls is placed in the reception area. The wall is equipped with a sound installation, Luminous textile panels, Soft Cells from Kvadrat, that changes colors during the day.