Gram Equipment

At Gram, quality and design weigh heavily

With a new joint office domicile, Gram Equipment brings together 300 employees at one location. There is here created space for the individual to deepen, collaborate with colleagues and thrive in an environment where quality and applicability are the highest priorities.

User survey gave direction
By 2017, Gram Equipment, which is the world’s leading ice machine manufacturer, moved into a newly built domicile in Kolding. Before choosing the decor and the specific furniture, Gram Equipment made a survey among employees about the use of their workplace. This feedback gave them a good starting point for making concrete choices in the interior:

”Through the survey, we found, for example, that there was no need for storage of binder and printed materials, so we do not have a lot of shelves in the new device. In addition, we also reduced the countertops on the desks, and although these measures were faced with some skepticism from the employees, they have taken great pleasure in the new fixtures and enjoy it,” says Anne Højgaard Diechmann, Vice President HR in Gram Equipment.

17 different meeting rooms
The Kolding Domicile has 17 meeting rooms, all of which are arranged differently to accommodate and encourage different types of meeting attendance. It provides variation both in the interior, but also in the working methods of the employees at Gram Equipment.

Multiple design mixes
Differences, colors, classic design and quality has been the keywords in the composition of the decor that Signal Architects have been responsible for. From the multicolored Hay mag couch in the lounge area over the sculptural Gubi lamps, architect-designed chairs from Danish and foreign designers to the classic meeting tables from HOLMRIS B8. All fixtures are supplied by HOLMRIS B8.

”We chose HOLMRIS B8 when, from our research and dialogue, we found out that they would be able to perform the task and demonstrate great professionalism. Throughout the process, we have had a close dialogue with our contact person, who has also been a good sparring partner in the selection of the final furniture,” says Anne Højgaard Diechmann.