Danske Bank Odense

The modern and open bank

When you step into the newly renovated Danske Bank domicile in Odense, Denmark, you will be welcomed by a large, open, and green space mixed with Scandinavian design with white lines, light, tactile sense, and warm wood. The interior design is based on a workplace design concept developed by PLH Architects.

The ceilings are high and there are clear ambitions to create open surroundings and closeness for customers as well as employees and to ensure a stronger professional environment.

To do so, Danica, Danske Forsikring, Private Banking Danmark, Landbrugscenter as well as a Danske Bank branch have all been gathered under one roof and the collective space has been decorated to be a contemporary and versatile work environment with focus on solutions of high quality.

Contemporary design completes the architecture
Openness is one of the key words to describe the architecture of the space created by Arkitema Architects. An open atrium is the center of the space in which soft lounge furniture and a beautiful cushioned staircase invites people to take breaks and make conversation.

”Danske Bank’s interior design concept is dynamic and must be adaptable over time for several different people. We looked for a partner who could produce customized furniture, deliver a large palette of other furniture, and who could challenge us and provide ideas to create the best work place for our employees in close collaboration with our own architects at Danske Bank. HOLMRIS B8 has demonstrated that they were the right partner for these tasks,” said Claes Wilhelmsen from Group Procurement at Danske Bank.

The 135 employees all have height-adjustable desks as well as a customized closet and lockers developed by HOLMRISB8 for Danske Bank. Each workstation is equipped with a HÅG Capisco chair that provides as many working position as possible.

The bank contains several different types of meeting rooms in different sizes and designs – from quiet zones, where employees can work focused and make phone calls to larger meeting rooms decorated e.g. with HOLMRIS B8’s DO1100 conference table.

Complete solution from HOLMRIS B8
The interior design of the newly renovated house in Odense was handled by Danske Bank’s own architect Annemarie Thoke while HOLMRIS B8 delivered all furniture and interior. According to Danske Bank, the close contact, which focused on optimizing and fine-tuning, has created a good process with great results – delivered on time.