Furniture right on schedule

The first time DSB (the Danish state railways) gathered several different locations under one roof in Copenhagen, HOLMRIS won the tender to supply all the furniture for the dynamic and contemporary workplace DSB wanted to create. And the collaboration definitely ran on track.

DSB chose HOLMRIS for our ability to translate the chosen design strategy into beautiful, functional furniture of high quality. Furthermore, we could offer environmentally certified furniture and give DSB a guarantee that the furniture they selected could be re-ordered for many years to come if the need arose.

From the outset, HOLMRIS B8 supplied creative and functional solutions that fully lived up to our expectations. We met regularly during the project to discuss solutions, and we proposed changes along the way that were immediately incorporated into the plan. Lotte Ebbeskov, Strategic Procurement Officer, DSB.

HOLMRIS B8 supplied and installed furniture for 1,250 workstations, 90 multipurpose rooms, 60 meeting rooms, a canteen to seat 350, training and study rooms featuring desks from the Genese series, HOLMRIS B8’s own Q20 desks, as well as chairs from Italian Arper and Norwegian Håg – with the latter being selected for their excellent guarantee. Furthermore, 16 lounge areas were fitted out with 1,493 environmentally certified pieces of furniture from Arper and Offecct.

Finally, we custom-designed a cabinet for every single workstation according to DSB’s specifications for design and materials.

Despite the very tight time frame, all the furniture was delivered and installed by the day of the big move, when 1,250 employees had their first workday at the new headquarters. On Sunday evening, the day before the big day, two of our contacts from HOLMRIS B8 walked around to double check that everything was as it should be. It was a pleasure to work with the team from HOLMRIS B8, and with their commitment to the project, we never doubted for a moment that we would make it on time. Lotte Ebbeskov, Strategic Procurement Officer, DSB.

And everything was ready on time – nothing missing and nothing out of place. Since DSB moved into their new headquarters in 2013, HOLMRIS B8 has regularly supplied furniture to the growing staff at DSB – everything from lamps to dust bins and desks.