Global Shipping Company

Sustainability-based unique and agile office environment

When a prominent global shipping company was to move to a new location in Copenhagen, they wanted to seize the opportunity to create fresh surroundings that would encourage employees to work in new ways. ALL THAT MATTERS Design developed the interior design concept and planned the space to establish a unique and agile office environment, embodying the company’s history and DNA as well as meeting the company’s many different needs and functionalities.

The company’s history and proud heritage are expressed through classic designs, untraditionally combined with contemporary furniture to underpin the sense of moving forward. For instance, the interior design provides new opportunities for employees to meet across departments in an informal environment by placing specially designed stage stairs in a large café area.

Well-balanced and Inviting Work Environment
The primary focus was to create a variety of spaces where people can meet, and not least to challenge conventional approaches to working. Thus, employees have access to a range of meeting spots, quiet spaces, break-out areas, collaboration zones and cafés.

The inspiration for the colors and materials was found locally as well as globally, and natural materials such as leather, wool and wood are used. For example, HOLMRIS B8 has specially designed a set of decorative room dividers and cabinets in wood for storage of AV equipment. Leather and wool are used to make the furniture extra inviting and to create good acoustics.

Sustainable Approach to Change
In the new office environment, up to 55% of the furniture is reused from the company’s former location. They specifically requested this sustainable approach to change as a way to prolong the life of their furniture. The rest of the furniture is supplied by HOLMRIS B8.