Novozymes Innovation Campus

Global hub for interdisciplinary knowledge sharing

Functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand at Novozymes’ new research centre in Lyngby, designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects.

In spring 2019, 800 employees moved into the newly built Innovation Campus, a global hub for research and development. The focus in the design of this modern facility was to create an inviting and warm atmosphere featuring quality materials, custom-designed solutions and colourful details with a twist.

Through a tendering process, HOLMRIS B8 and VADA Design were chosen as partners on the strength of their skills, past performance, and references in the project market. HOLMRIS B8 and VADA Design collaborated closely with Novozymes’ internal project organisation every step of the way.

“We chose HOLMRIS B8 based on our strong gut feeling, good chemistry with their employees, and a sense that a they understood us and our wishes. It is critical for Novozymes that we see ourselves when we look at the building and its design – that we can identify the unique spirit of Novozymes everywhere at Innovation Campus. And we can do just that,” says Carsten C. Petersen, Senior Contract Manager, Novozymes.

HOLMRIS B8 and VADA Design executed the extensive project according to a clearly defined budget framework, a design manual developed by e-Types, and a functional solution developed by Signal Architects. The result is a comprehensive design and interiors solution that facilitates knowledge sharing and supports interdisciplinary collaboration in a modern company with strong Scandinavian roots.

A sense of being at home
Novozymes wanted to create a home-like atmosphere, drawing inspiration from the hotel industry’s “home away from home” concept. Innovation Campus houses many lounge areas and five large coffee break islands, where employees from different departments can exchange knowledge meet informally. The coffee break islands are imbued with a boutique hotel atmosphere, including tall grey cafe chairs and elegant lamps from Made by Hand.

Innovation Campus is a highly intelligent building, where the lighting is not just a practicality, but a means of creating a peaceful and inviting atmosphere conducive to productivity and well-being. Carsten C. Petersen explains:

“We want to support dialogue between employees, so that when they go for a cup of coffee, they’re inspired to sit down and chat with a couple of colleagues. We also provide settings for more reserved private conversations, and opportunities to build networks across departments. All of these factors contribute to supporting an open professional dialogue.”

Interior designer Cecilia Petersson of VADA Design, on the interiors at Innovation Campus:

“Novozymes was extremely well prepared and a highly competent partner in the collaboration. The design manual reflected a strong commitment to creating the best possible facilities in a complex organisation. Innovation Campus supports open collaborations, while also offering smaller, contained workstations that provide a quiet setting conducive to more focused work. Novozymes has boldly endeavoured to create a ‘cosy professional’ atmosphere that promotes socialisation between employees.”

Every room at Innovation Campus is designed to serve a multitude of functions and purposes: For example, a meeting room has six chairs and a table, as well as modular lounge furniture and a lamp in a clear colour. This means that the same room can be used for an employee performance review, an informal chat, or a regular meeting. Each of the 127 meeting rooms exudes personality and is designed to meet a range of specific and existing employee needs.

Inviting nature inside
Innovation Campus is surrounded by an expansive and scenic outdoor area, so it was important to Novozymes to bring nature into the building.

“The interior design reflects the fact that we are situated in the middle of a large green area. We have light wooden slats on many of the walls, and various types of wood have been used for the chairs in the canteen and meeting rooms. We want to show that we are a Scandinavian company that is both innovative and forward-looking, while also maintaining a connection with our Nordic roots,” explains Carsten C. Petersen.