Danfoss Silkeborg

Contemporary corporate HQ with a strong environmental focus

Supply of furniture. Moving service. Sustainable disposal. Renovation of used office furniture. Donation of surplus furniture. And planting of trees to offset carbon emissions from furniture production. HOLMRIS B8 provided all these services to Danfoss Salg Danmark when the company moved into their new Danish headquarters.

Sustainability, functionality and aestheticism characterize the new Danfoss HQ in Silkeborg, Denmark. The new building is home to 186 workstations for sales and administration and designed by architectural studio RUM, while HOLMRIS B8 supplied furniture and fittings. The aim was to create a complete look based on Danish design of high quality and environmentally sustainable recycling of office furniture.

Moving and renovation of office furniture
HOLMRIS B8 also handled all aspects of the move to the new building. In connection with the move, HOLMRIS B8 Circular handled the disposal of the used furniture, while 76 height-adjustable desk frames and 41 desk chairs were renovated and upgraded to as good as new. The recycled furniture is now of the same quality as new furniture and comes with a five-year warranty.

All desks and chairs, as well as storage units and conference tables are from HOLMRIS B8, produced in line with Danfoss’ core style concept. Lounge tables, planters and the statement piece – a blue hanging sofa – were all specially produced in HOLMRIS B8’s own workshop.

The modern interiors have been brought to life with pillows, decorative objects and unique planters in bright colors, forming a styling contrast to the light wood and white surfaces.

Investing in community forests
HOLMRIS B8 served as a one-stop-shop for Danfoss, helping with purchasing new furniture, disposing of surplus furniture and moving furniture, as well as recycling in Silkeborg.

All surplus used furniture and equipment from Danfoss was donated through HOLMRIS B8 Circular’s donation network to seven different recipients, including a school, the DanChurch Social charity, and a youth center.

In addition to donating used furniture and reusing nearly 120 pieces of office furniture, Danfoss also underpinned its focus on sustainability with an additional initiative: the purchase of 930 trees at part of HOLMRIS B8’s plant-a-tree concept. Investing in the planting of trees in Danish community forests – folkeskove – enabled Danfoss to offset the carbon emissions from the production of the 186 workstations in the new headquarters.