Synechron New York

Next-level office at the Big Apple

An amazing view of Time Square played a significant role, as Synechron, one of the fastest growing digital, business consulting and technology services in the World, created their home base in New York City.

With more than 8,000 employees and offices all over the World, it was important for Synechron to have a global office concept. Therefore, they teamed up with Aces of Space, Brand explores and storytellers by design with offices in The Netherlands and Dubai, and in close corporation they developed an office concept which is smart, modular, and flexible.

Babs van Hassel from Aces of Space says:

“The common goal of the Global Office Concept is to inspire everyone through the exceptional atmosphere of the space. New ideas can truly take off when conceived at one of the window seats, team tables, stand-up/sit-down meeting areas, digital meeting rooms or standard desks which resulted in a variety of workplaces to accommodate both focused & non-focused activities while stimulating collaboration and the sharing of knowledge.”

In the New York office, the conceptual framework was taken to the next level by customizing it to the specific needs and opportunities of the aspirational location.

“In the layout, we focused on maximizing the Manhattan back-drop to its fullest, allowing the employees to experience the city from all angles and corners of the office,” says Babs van Hassel.

A dynamic office space
As Synechron’s organisation is constantly adapting to the changing needs of their clients, the working environment needed to be flexible enough to be able to adapt to changing project teams and tasks.

Selecting the appropriate furniture resulted in a mix of high and low seating to accommodate different collaborating styles and overall more dynamic office space. The prominent oak dividers add warmth, help define the spaces and accommodate digital screens to allow for stand-up meetings with their digital content at hand.

Babs van Hassel elaborates:

“To highlight the global character of the concept consistency in look & feel, it was very important to us to use iconic and recognizable pieces in the collaboration and lounge area. Most of the furniture pieces are European, so working closely with HOLMRIS B8 which has a ton of international experience as a global partner was a no brainer.”

The creation of the office in New York is a result of a great teamwork between a team (Synechron Technology, Aces of Space, Colliers International, SJP Properties, Nijboer, and HOLMRIS B8) spanning three continents.