Aalborg Portland

New furniture resulted in better use of space

For a long time, Aalborg Portland, Denmark’s only cement producer, wanted new furniture in their cafeteria, guest cafeteria, and management room. The existing furniture was worn out, heavy, and needed a more contemporary look. Also, the cement producer was aware that a furniture update could increase the working environment and create a more attractive workspace for both current and future employees.

To make this a reality, Aalborg Portland asked five companies to provide a solution, including HOLMRIS B8.

Karen Larsen, Administrative Coordinator at Aalborg Portland, says.

“When HOLMRIS B8 presented their solution, we were very impressed. Their solution was very different, and they dared to challenge our routines. For instance, their design of the cafeteria was completely different with small islands and they incorporated more modern furniture that we would want to have at home.”

Therefore, HOLMRIS B8 was chosen to deliver tables, chairs, and lamps to the completely new and improved cafeteria, guest cafeteria, and management room. Especially in the cafeteria, the modern yet practical chairs from Vitra are both easy on the eyes as well as sturdy and able to withstand the dirt that employees from the production facility a bound to bring with them to lunch.

“We use it a lot more now”
In the guest cafeteria, HOLMRIS B8 suggested that a screen be installed to make the room more versatile as a meeting room when not used by guests. This has resulted in many more people utilizing the guest cafeteria, which is both cozier and more flexible now.

The management room is also in high demand now. Karen Larsen highlighted:

“The new lovely furniture and especially the incredibly comfortable chairs has led to even more employees hold their meetings here, so the modernization has definitely helped us take better advantage of our square footage.”