- to accelerate synergies and international growth

The Dutch P/E fund Mentha has acquired HOLMRIS B8, the leading B2B provider of interior design solutions in Denmark. As part of this transaction, Mentha sees great value in fully integrating the Norwegian entity with the Danish entity Holmris B8 – creating a leading supplier of furniture and interior design solutions for the Nordic market.

December 1, 2020, HOLMRIS B8 Norway and the Norwegian FORM/FUNK joined forces under the name HOLMRIS FORM/FUNK. The partner and director of FORM/FUNK, Gisle Enger-Ullbråten, became the new CEO of the merged entity, which today employs 19 employees.

With the merger, HOLMRIS FORM/FUNK combined FORM/FUNK’s strong local presence and longstanding customer relationships in Norway, with HOLMRIS B8’s extensive range, customized solutions, sustainability expertise, and a wide range of services.

January 23, 2024, HOLMRIS B8 acquires the remaining part of HOLMRIS FORM/FUNK to further realize synergies between the Norwegian and Danish entity – and prepare HOLMRIS B8 for further international growth.

Gisle Enger-Ullbråten, CEO of HOLMRIS FORM/FUNK: “Since the merger in 2020, HOLMRIS FORM/FUNK has restructured its organization and built a team with a unique skillset, values and mindset. As such, we’ve built an organization ready for the next phase of growth. We are proud of becoming a full-fledged part of HOLMRIS B8, which will further strengthen our company, our team and help us deliver even more value to our clients through a closer collaboration with our Danish colleagues.”

Mentha has a clear ESG-profile and key competences which will help fuel further value creation for clients in the Norwegian and Danish market.

Mark van Ingen, Partner at Mentha, adds: “We have been very impressed with HOLMRIS B8’s strong value proposition and loyal customer base, which includes nearly all Danish blue-chips. This segment is driven by strong market trends, such as the war for talent and new ways of working. HOLMRIS B8 has already started following these clients abroad, winning several global preferred partner agreements recently. At the same time, our market research has confirmed significant additional potential in North/West-European markets. We therefore believe that Mentha is the right partner to support the organization in this next phase, with our expertise in international growth and buy-and-build.

”Mentha has acquired 100% of HOLMRIS B8 and HOLMRIS FORM/FUNK from existing shareholders. CEO Gisle Enger-Ullbråten and the Norwegian leadership team will all continue in their roles and look forward to continuing growing the company alongside Holmris B8 and Mentha. The Norwegian entity will remain the same, with no change to the business registration number or business addresses.

For any queries, please contact:
Norway: Gisle Enger-Ullbråten, CEO, HOLMRIS FORM/FUNK, +47 41447639 gisle@holmris-ff.no
Denmark: Flemming Ib Windfeld, CEO, HOLMRIS B8, +45 20400616 flwi@holmrisb8.com